RANDOLPH, N.J., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cra-Z-Art, a prime manufacturer and leader in trendy toy, arts and crafts kits, puzzles and school supplies, announced today that they have opened their first international sales office in Manchester, England. The office is headed by longtime toy industry sales executive, Oliver Williams, who was hired in July. The announcement comes as the company is seeing steady international growth and the new office will help support and nurture new and existing business relationships.

Located in Manchester’s city center, Cra-Z-Art’s office will facilitate all internationally-focused sales, marketing, and administrative activities. The showroom will exhibit over 200 specially selected products, a mixture of trending titles, evergreen favorites, licensed and unlicensed products, STEM learning activities, all featuring creative, imaginative play at their heart.

Cra-Z-Art, headquartered in the United States, produces and globally markets such popular toy items as Arts and Craft kits, Kodak Jigsaw Puzzles, Art Supplies, Cra-Z-Loom, Softee Dough, The Real Cotton Candy Maker, Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Girls Activity Kits, and Nickelodeon compounds. The items are available at major retailers as well as specialty stores. The company also sells items on its website,

Cra-Z-Art was founded in 2008 by Lawrence Rosen, a third-generation toy entrepreneur and veteran of the toy industry. He is well known as a passionate and creative product and packaging idea man. After successfully leading the sale of his family’s former toy company, Larry found that he couldn’t stay away from the industry he loved, so he started Cra-Z-Art – the family has been in the toy industry for over 97 years. The company has grown quickly in sales, becoming a leader in trendy toy and school supply products. Overall, Mr. Rosen has sold billions of dollars in toy merchandise during his illustrious career. Internationally, Cra-Z-Art has already forged a number of strong distribution partnerships, with this move representing further investment. Cra-Z-Art will be offering international customers China consolidation of all brands under one roof.

The items will be available at market leading prices without minimum order quantity restrictions. “We’re excited to be opening our new international sales office and showroom in Manchester (UK), local to many of our key strategic partners. The European office will support the growth of the many brands in Cra-Z-Art’s portfolio. We’re committed to strongly supporting retail and distribution partners. The establishment of a permanent base in Europe is a sign of the commitment we are making to nurture the growth of our international market.

Oliver’s enthusiasm, vast toy experience, knowledge of international markets, and insights as a former brand owner and principal makes him a great fit for our team. We’re very pleased to have him on-board and confident that together we’ll take Cra-Z-Art to new strengths internationally,” said Rosen. “We’re signing more international licensing agreements and supplying more diverse, innovative products than ever before, supporting our international partners with a dedicated international sales and marketing team will grow our business and develop new opportunities. As one of the world’s leading brands in Arts and Crafts, Compounds, Stationery, Puzzles, licensed and non-licensed goods, we feel we have a lot to offer. The establishment of a permanent base in Europe is a sign of the commitment we are making to nurture the growth of our international market,” added Nellie Mahabir, CEO of Cra-Z-Art. When commenting on his appointment as V.P. of International Sales, Oliver Williams gave his reaction, “As opportunities go, this is as good as it gets! I’ve watched Cra-Z-Art launch one hit product after another. The speed to market, the quality of product, and the scope of Cra-Z-Art’s offerings have always been impressive. Having joined, I see how energy and passion are present right across the company from Larry and Nellie and all the way through the various teams, and departments that together combine to form Cra-Z-Art. I’m both humbled and thrilled to have the chance to work with such a capable team, and I can’t wait to contribute to the success of Cra-Z-Art and its partners alike.”