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10 ct. Fineline Washable Markers, box


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Cra-Z-Art 10 Count Classic Fineline Tip Markers—vibrant, detailed, and essential for creativity

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Cra-Z-Art 10 Count Classic Fineline Tip Markers come in a palette of 10 essential colors. Enjoy the freedom to choose which shade you need to fulfill your creative needs. They come in 10 vibrant colors: purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, black, and brown. Cra-Z-Art Fineline tips allow you to create detailed coloring or draw fine lines so you can dot, doodle, or draw an original masterpiece or practice fine-line lettering all with one magical marker. The markers offer brighter colors that are simple to wash off. Artistry meets versatility in this marker power pack. Encourage little minds to dream in full color, then use Cra-Z-Art Fineline Tip Markers to bring their visions boldly and brilliantly to life. Tight-fit caps keep high-powered pigments fresh and ready to make a dramatic entrance time after time. Cra-Z-Art Fineline tip markers are color-full to the core, these bold, saturated colors stay true and won’t fade or bleed through, they are our brightest colors yet! They are essential for back to school and also great for birthday gifts, seasonal and holiday gifts and summer activity. Cra-Z-Art 10 Count Washable Fineline Tip Markers are non-toxic and safe for kids ages 3 and up.

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