14ct Yellow No.2 Pencil Pack: Stylish & Functional with Grips, Eraser Caps, Sharpener – School & Home Essential!


Elevate your writing with the 14ct Yellow No.2 Pencil Pack! Includes eraser caps, grips, and sharpener for school or home. Crafted from durable real wood with hard-to-break leads. A reliable functional writing tool!

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14ct Yellow No.2 Pencil Pack features eraser caps, grips, and a sharpener – the ideal set for both school and home use. With four vibrant pencil grips and six colorful eraser toppers, your pencils become not only stylish but also highly functional. Crafted from strong and durable real wood, these pencils easily sharpen and have hard-to-break leads, ensuring a smooth and reliable writing performance. Purchase now for home, school, or office use, this pencil set combines style and functionality, providing a colorful and efficient solution for all your writing needs. Elevate your writing arsenal with these high-quality, versatile pencils that cater to both aesthetics and practicality.

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