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Barbie Crayon By Number


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Barbie Color by Number is an easy to follow coloring activity set that turns into a beautiful masterpiece with guided coloring cues! The kit has three beautifully designed 8 x 10 illustrative pages pre-numbered to correspond with a set of 16 Barbie crayons, making the coloring experience both fun and educational. Perfect for playdates, events, or casual afternoon enjoyment, this activity set provides a captivating way for artists of all ages to unleash their creativity. Great for on-the-go fun during trips or as a thoughtful gift for birthdays and holidays, Barbie Color by Number offers a unique twist to the traditional coloring experience. Share the fun of creating masterpieces with friends and family while making memories and lifelong keepsakes. Elevate your coloring sessions with this perfect blend of entertainment and education, where each stroke brings a sense of accomplishment and a burst of color to any occasion!

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