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Barbie Softee Dough Ice Cream Shop


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Softee Dough Barbie Ice Cream Shop is the ultimate set for making pretend Barbie snacks and treats! Packed with delightful tools, scoopers, and charming molds, this beautifully designed ice cream machine takes the mock baking experience to the next level. Equipped with ice cream extruders and a pull-out tray, the set includes 4 cans of modeling compound, allowing you to mix colors and create endless variations. Simply fill the extruder, press the handle, and watch as your personalized ice cream masterpiece is created. It’s not just a toy, it’s an immersive experience for the budding chef or artist in your life. The Softee Dough Barbie Ice Cream Shop is an ideal gift for birthdays and holidays, providing hours of entertainment for friends and family to enjoy together. Let the creativity and fun flow as you mold, decorate, and enjoy the delicious results – a perfect blend of imaginative play and colorful delights for endless joy!