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Softee Dough Barbie Pet Shop is where young imaginations can mold and bring to life loveable pets from Barbie’s enchanting world. This delightful set features pet molds for crafting adorable dogs, cats, bunnies, and more. The kit includes 3 cans of different colored modeling compounds and 6 bags of additional colors to add a vibrant touch. Customize with cool accessories and decorations for each pet. Simply fill the pet mold with modeling compound to sculpt a 3D figure, then let the creativity flow as you decorate your pet with charming accessories like collars and bows. Encouraging artistic expression and imaginative play, Softee Dough is ideal for sharing creative fun with friends on playdates or for independent exploration. The Softee Dough Barbie Pet Shop promises hours of fun, making it a thoughtful and entertaining gift for birthdays, holidays and other occasions.

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