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  • Cra-z-art Broadline Markers - Neon 8 Count

Cra-z-art Broadline Markers – Neon 8 Count


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Cra-Z-Art 8-Count Broadline Neon Markers – vibrant, bold, and extra washable

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Cra-Z-Art 8-Count Neon Broadline Markers, featuring essential neon colors to electrify your artwork. These broadline markers cover a wider coloring area with vibrant neon colors to deliver bold creative experience. Explore a neon palette that includes neon purple, dark pink, green, blue, yellow, light orange, dark orange, and light pink. These broadline markers are easy to wash off, ensuring a hassle-free cleanup. Tight-fitting caps not only preserve the life of the markers but also maintain the vibrancy of the neon colors, ensuring a lasting and bold impact. Cra-Z-Art Broadline Markers allow minds to explore new heights of creativity with these bold neon markers. Add a burst of neon brilliance to your coloring sessions with Cra-Z-Art Neon Broadline Markers, unlocking a world of imagination and self-expression with these electrifying shades. Non-toxic and safe for kids ages 3 and up, these markers are a perfect choice for a vibrant and worry-free artistic journey.

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Dimensions 7 × 0.58 × 5.18 in