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Cra-Z-Art Indoor Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Design Set


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Cra-Z-Art Indoor Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Design Set: Chalk, Stencils, Stampers, Chalkboard Mat, and More for Endless Creativity!

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Discover endless creativity with the Cra-Z-Art Indoor Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Design Set, a perfect outlet for children’s imagination. This set includes 16 vibrant chalk sticks in a rainbow of colors, two stampers, stencils, a convenient chalk holder and 4′ x 2′ chalk mat. Take the artistic fun outdoors and let your little ones showcase their talents with included stencils featuring images of kites, flowers, bees, suns, and butterflies. For indoor enjoyment on rainy days, unfold the giant 4’x2’ chalkboard mat and unleash a world of colorful possibilities. Whether creating murals, doodling ABCs, or playing classic chalk games like hopscotch, this set guarantees hours of entertainment. The thick chalk sticks make it easy for kids to use the stencils, while the two included stampers add charming smiley faces to their creations. Each masterpiece easily washes away with water or rain, ensuring a clean slate for the next artistic endeavor. It is an ideal for birthdays and holidays, this non-toxic and washable chalk set is a thoughtful gift for children ages 4 and up, promoting endless artistic exploration and bonding moments with friends and family.