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  • Cra-Z-Art Jumbo Rainbow Swirl Colored Pencils 5 Count

Cra-Z-Art Jumbo Rainbow Swirl Colored Pencils 5 Count


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Cra-Z-Art 5-Pack Rainbow Swirl Colored Pencils: Vibrant, Pre-Sharpened

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Discover the magic of creativity with Cra-Z-Art 5 Count Rainbow Swirl Colored Pencils, the ultimate coloring tool for vibrant and fun artistic expressions. Elevate your projects with these funtastic, rainbow-colored pencils that bring a burst of hues to your coloring, drawing, writing, or any creative endeavor. Each pencil features mesmerizing mixes of colors within, offering 3 combined shades of blue/green/yellow, purple/blue/green, red/yellow/purple, orange/red/yellow, and pink/purple/blue. Every stroke gives you a different color combination. Crafted with artist-quality, pre-sharpened tips, these pencils are ready for use right out of the pack, ensuring smooth, flawless detailing, shading, and layering every time. The real wood construction and thick, strong leads provide durability without compromising ease of sharpening. Infuse your creations with a rainbow of different possibilities. Ideal for home, school, or on-the-go, Cra-Z-Art Rainbow Swirl Colored Pencils offer a versatile and exciting addition to your art supplies. Enjoy coloring with high-quality, non-toxic colored pencils suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

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