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  • Cra-z-art Kids Washable Broadline Dry Erase Markers 6 Count

Cra-z-art Kids Washable Broadline Dry Erase Markers 6 Count


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Cra-Z-Art Dry Erase Markers – 6 pack – vibrant, versatile, and precision-designed markers

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Cra-Z-Art Dry Erase Markers 6 count, offering both fine tip and broad drawing/writing capabilities based on your preferred angle. Enjoy a pack of 6 markers, each featuring a non-toxic, easily erasable, minimal odor formula and a medium point. Colors in the set include purple, red, green, orange, blue, and black, providing a variety of colors for messages, presentations, or creative coloring on dry erase surfaces. Experience the ease of use on dry erase boards, glass, and most non-porous surfaces. These markers boast durable, non-squeak tips and quick-drying ink, ensuring a smooth and efficient writing experience. The tightly sealing caps preserve the ink, guaranteeing long-lasting use. Colors are washable and easily come out of all surfaces, clothes, and hands, making cleanup hassle-free. Cra-Z-Art Dry Erase Markers combine functionality and convenience, making them an ideal choice for various applications, from professional presentations to creative activities at school or home. Add a splash of vibrant color to your dry erase experience while enjoying the durability and practicality of these markers.

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