Cra-Z-Art Window Art Kit: Create Colorful Masterpieces, 25+ Designs, Easy Peel-and-Stick Fun!


Cra-Z-Art Window Art lets you craft colorful masterpieces! With over 25 designs, 5 paint bottles, and clear tracing sheets, bring your visions to life. Perfect for rainy days, playdates, or gifts.

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Cra-Z-Art Window Art is a user-friendly kit for crafting your own colorful window masterpieces! Featuring an array of over 25 designs, this kit comes complete with 5 paint bottles, design sheets, and clear tracing sheets, offering all the essentials to bring your imaginative visions to life. Select your desired design, place it beneath a clear tracing sheet, and use the provided paint to outline and fill in your creation. Once dried, gently peel off your artwork and affix it to smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors, or lockers. This versatile project is perfect for shared moments with friends or family on rainy days, playdates, parties, or various events. Whether used as a birthday or holiday gift, Cra-Z-Art Window Art will add a personal and vibrant touch to any space.

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