Cra-Z-Sand Sand Fun Bag – Beach 3 lbs.


Cra-Z-Sand 3LB Brown Beach Sand Bag: Satisfying Indoor/Outdoor Play, Unique Texture for Endless Creativity!

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Take the adventure indoors or outdoors with Cra-Z-Sand’s 3LB bag of Brown Beach Sand! This sensory delight offers a uniquely satisfying play experience, allowing kids to engage in a myriad of activities like squeezing, molding, slicing, shaping, building, digging, and squishing the sand. The possibilities are endless as Cra-Z-Sand boasts an incredible texture that lets you magically feel the sand move and witness it grow before your eyes. Dive into the excitement of the first Cra-Z-Sand adventure by discovering the hidden bonus sand tool tucked inside each 3LB bag. Unleash creativity using the tool and accompanying sand molds to craft limitless play scenes and patterns. Cleanup is a breeze as Cra-Z-Sand only sticks to itself, ensuring an easy and mess-free experience for everyone involved. The re-usable 3LB bag also serves as convenient storage for endless hours of imaginative play. Transport kids to the beach with the life like feel of Cra-Z-Sand, a safe and non-toxic activity that guarantees an amazing and memorable playtime for ages 4 and up. Cra-Z-Sand – where endless possibilities meet pure amazement!

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