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Cra-Z Sand Sandy Beach 3lb Bag


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Looking for the perfect indoor or outdoor activity for kids ages 4 and up? You’ve found it with Cra-Z-Sand! This 3LB bag of Cra-Z-Sand is super satisfying to play with. Kids will enjoy squeezing, molding, slicing, shaping, building, digging, and squishing Cra-Z-Sand. The options are endless, Cra-Z-Sand has an amazing texture to it that allows you to feel the sand move and see it grow! The first fun Cra-Z-Sand adventure will be digging for the hidden bonus sand tool that comes in each 3LB bag. Use that tool and sand molds to create endless play scenes and play patterns. Another great feature of Cra-Z-Sand is it’s easy and mess free cleanup. Cra-Z-Sand only sticks to itself which makes cleanup quick and easy for everyone. Cra-Z-Sand 3LB bag is re-useable making it great for storage. Kids will feel like they are at the beach with this 3LB bag of Cra-Z-Sand. Cra-Z-Sand is safe and non-toxic and is great for ages 4 and up. Cra-Z-Sand, It’s Amazing!

  • Use Cra-Z-Sand to make sand-tastic creations! You can Shape It, Mold It, & Slice It for super fun with no mess
  • A Cra-Z-Fun sensory toy, Cra-Z-Sand stays together when it’s molded and shaped providing hours and hours of creative play pattern
  • With Cra-Z-Sand you can watch as the sand moves and even grows! It is super satisfying to play with and since it sticks to itself, cleanup is quick and easy
  • Includes 3LB bag of Cra-Z-Sand and hidden sand tool
  • Cra-Z-Sand 3LB bag of sand is safe and non-toxic and great for ages 4 and up


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