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  • Disney Frozen 2  Cra-Z-Snow Glitter Snow Globes

Disney Frozen 2 Cra-Z-Snow Glitter Snow Globes


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Disney Frozen 2 Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globes is an enchanting DIY activity designed for kids to blend creativity and fun. This easy-to-do craft is a fun and enjoyable crafting experience for kids. Each set includes 3 snow globe bases, 3 snow globe tops, 3 figures, and snow, allowing young crafters to customize their globes with beloved Frozen 2 characters. Simply select a figure, fix it to the base, mix the snow with water in the dome top, add the glitter pack and snap the base onto the inverted dome. Enjoy the magic of glittery snow! This easy DIY craft is great to do alone or in a collaborative project with friends and family. Create beautiful keepsakes to display or give as a personalized snow globe gift. Whether for fun at home or as a present for birthdays or holidays – either way, these sparkling treasures will be greatly enjoyed. Let the magic of Frozen 2 inspire creativity and imagination in every shake and shimmer!

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Weight 1.16 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 11 in