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Magrific 3D Magnetic Tiles 70 Pieces


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Magrific 70 Piece 3D Magnetic Tile Building Set: Explore Endless STEM Possibilities with Mega Magnetic Power!

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Magrific 70 Piece 3D Magnetic Tile Building Set, a captivating and educational construction toy that promises boundless imagination and fun! Dive into the world of vibrant, magnetic geometric shapes, and experience the magic of building towers, animals, bridges, buildings, and more with the incredible power of magnets. This set includes 12 magnetic equilateral triangles, 8 magnetic isosceles triangles, 6 magnetic right triangles, 40 magnetic squares, and 4 magnetic rectangles, offering endless possibilities for creating awe-inspiring 3D structures. Each colorful tile features magnets on all sides, allowing for a secure and stable connection as you design and build. Perfect for birthdays and holidays, the Magrific 70pc set makes an exceptional gift, encouraging collaborative play, fostering cognitive development and STEM learning. Plus, with the added convenience of a storage bag, clean-up is a breeze, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go play or family gatherings. Elevate playtime with Magrific’s 3D Magnetic Tile Building Set – where creativity knows no bounds! For ages 3+.

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Weight 8.13 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 2.25 × 12 in