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Mini Magna Doodle


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MINI Magna Doodle – Compact Magnetic Drawing Board for On-the-Go Fun, Ages 3+

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What could be better than the Original Magna Doodle? The MINI size Magna Doodle! Magna Doodle is a right of passage! Draw, write, scribble, doodle or scribble with this fun magnetic tablet that you can quickly erase with a swipe and start over! Mini Magna Doodle comes with a magnetic drawing pen in this portable magnetic board. Mini Magna Doodle is ideal when you have limited space or just want some micro size fun! This is great for birthday gifts, seasonal and holiday gifts and summer activity. Travel Magna Doodle is great for all ages 3+ and for all activities from tic tac toe to drawing to writing fun notes.

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