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  • RoseArt Premium Soft Core COLORED PENCIL TIN 72  COUNT

RoseArt Premium Soft Core COLORED PENCIL TIN 72 COUNT


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RoseArt Premium 72 count Colored Pencils: Professional-Grade, Soft Core, Vibrant Colors, Artistic Excellence!

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RoseArt Premium 72 Count Colored Pencils, high-quality, professional-grade adult coloring pencils. Designed for artists seeking precision and perfection, each colored pencil features a soft core that promises a smooth and effortless color laydown, ideal for drawing, coloring, and illustrating. The colored pencils glide with ease, achieving the perfect amount of coverage for your artistic vision. RoseArt’s commitment to excellence shines through in this colored pencil set, boasting rich, fade-resistant colors that are perfect for blending and shading. A trusted choice for professional artists and adult coloring enthusiasts, this 72 count colored pencil set comes in a vibrant printed tin, arranged in three trays of 24 pencils each. Revel in a rainbow of magnificent colors, including yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, greens, blues, reds, browns, and neutrals. RoseArt is a trusted brand known for expertise in the art world – it makes the ideal gift for artists. Rely on RoseArt to be your trusted art supply partner, providing unparalleled quality and a century of artistic expertise.

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Weight 0.82 lbs
Dimensions 9.38 × 1.63 × 7.75 in