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Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 2 in 1 Spin & Bead Bracelet Studio


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Shimmer ‘N Sparkle 2-in-1 Spin & Bead Friendship Studio: Craft Stunning Bracelets with Beads and Threads

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Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 2-in-1 Spin & Bead Friendship Studio, a revolutionary bracelet making bead kit that’s perfect for crafting stunning accessories effortlessly. Unleash your creativity and design eye-catching beaded bracelets and trendy friendship bracelets with ease. The kit includes essential tools like a bead spinner, picker, threader tool, and a variety of beads and threads, ensuring you have everything needed to fashion bracelets that are not only fashionable but also fun to make. This bracelet-making kit offers a delightful activity to enjoy on your own or with friends and family creating memorable moments and meaningful accessories. Make birthdays and holidays extra special by gifting the Shimmer ‘n Sparkle 2-in-1 Spin & Bead Friendship Studio – the perfect present for budding jewelry designers. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, this kit takes bracelet making to the next level, making it a must-have for anyone interested in the art of beadwork to to make gifts to give to friends and family. Elevate your crafting game with this all-in-one bracelet-making solution! Ideal for ages 8 and up,

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Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 12 in