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Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Tye Dye Fashion Tote


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Shimmer ‘n Sparkle All-in-One Tie Dye Fashion Kit: Fashion Tote and Headband Craft Kit

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Express your creativity and style with the Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Tie Dye Fashion Tote and Headband All-in-One Kit – the ultimate DIY experience for style enthusiasts ages 8 and up! This trendy kit for kids allows you to effortlessly create a fabulous tie-dyed headband and a matching drawstring tote bag. Get ready to express your unique style by adding water and following three simple steps: twist the bag and headband, tie them with the included rubber bands, and apply the dye strategically using the squeeze bottles to achieve the desired fashion look. For that perfect finishing touch, use the three fabric stampers included in the kit to add creative patterns. Once your creations have dried, remove the rubber bands and showcase your rockin’ style to the world. The Shimmer ‘n Sparkle All-in-One Tie Dye Fashion Tote and Headband Kit comes complete with a cotton tote, headband, tie-dye mix packets, stamps, bottles, rubber bands, disposable gloves, and detailed instructions. While having fun, keep in mind the stain advisory – the dye can be washed from skin and most children’s fabrics with soap and water. Embrace the world of DIY fashion and create personalized, stylish accessories with this all-in-one tie-dye kit!

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