Softee Dough Double Color Dough 3 0z. 8 Count


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Softee Dough Double Color 8 Pack, where rainbow magic comes alive in every container! This high-quality modeling compound has intense pigment. Softee Dough is the perfect canvas for kids to turn their creative imaginations into sculpted masterpieces. Each cup features 2 vibrant colors which allows for a magical blending and extruding experience that adds an extra layer of excitement to every creation. Whether as a stocking stuffer, a birthday surprise, or an activity for friends and family, this set is a versatile and entertaining gift. The vivid colors and smooth texture of the dough compounds make sculpting a joyful and satisfying experience for kids of all ages. Elevate playtime with Softee Dough, where the possibilities are as endless as the colors in the pack. Watch as young artists transform their ideas into colorful reality, creating a memorable and immersive experience that makes every occasion, from birthdays to holidays, truly magical.

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