Softee Dough Sweet Scents Scented Dough 3 oz. 8 Count


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Softee Dough Sweet Scents, Scented Dough 3 oz. 8 Count, where creativity meets fun scents! This soft and pliable dough is not only perfect for blending, sculpting, and creating 3D figures but it also smells great! The vibrant colors in each container provide a fun and creative experience as kids blend and extrude their colorful masterpieces. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as a delightful stocking stuffer, this scented dough set adds an extra layer of sensory enjoyment to your creative project. Watch as your little ones bring their imaginative visions to life, creating unique, colorful and great smelling sculptures. Softee Dough Sweets Scents transforms playtime into a truly memorable adventure. Elevate your gift-giving game with this scented dough pack, where the combination of vibrant colors and sweet scents makes every creation a truly magical and delightful experience.

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