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Timeless Creations 36 Count Colored Pencils


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Timeless Creations 36 count Colored Pencils Set: Vibrant Shades, Pre-Sharpened for Artists of All Levels

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Timeless Creations 36 Colored Pencils has a kaleidoscope of 36 unique and diverse colors that breathe life into your creative endeavors. This collection boasts a range of classic shades, empowering artists to discover the ideal color for their masterpieces, from red and yellow to orange, blue, green, purple, pink, brown, and black. Crafted with precision, these artist-quality colored pencils are pre-sharpened and ready to use straight from the box. The bright, smooth-gliding shades are made of real wood with thick, robust 3.0mm leads. Pre-sharpened fine tips ensure impeccable detailing, shading, and layering, maintaining perfection in every stroke. Elevate your artistry with the purchase of Timeless Creations 36 Colored Pencils, offering high-quality performance that sharpens evenly for projects that stay on point. Experience the durability and timeless innovation of real wood construction, catering to both beginners and master artists. Enhance your coloring experience by pairing the pencils with Timeless Creations Coloring Books. Ideal for home, school, or on-the-go, these colored pencils are safe and non-toxic, making them the perfect artistic companion for teens and adults.

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