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Shimmer N Sparkle

You and your friends can show off your style when you make your own friendship bracelets with the Shimmer n Sparkle 5 in 1 Friendship Bracelet Studio. It includes instructions for making five different styles of friendship bracelets using the multi-loom studio tool.

There are specific instructions for how to set up the loom, depending on which friendship bracelet you’re making: classic, macrame, braid, and wave style all use the same set-up, while the spiral weave style will need a different configuration. But no matter which set-up you’re doing, the bottom of the loom has a suction cup so that it sticks to your table and stays put while you’re working.

The basics of getting started are also kind of the same. There are foam notches around the petals of the loom that hold the bracelets and strings in place. You’ll have a knot at the top and each of your strings separated and slotted into their own notches. The instruction guide shows you how to tie different knots that will be helpful in starting and ending your bracelets.