Why is there a delay between movement and hearing sound?

If connecting to a separate speaker, use an auxiliary cord for a direct connection, instead of using Bluetooth®.

Why does the phone lock cause app to stop working?

Newest version of app allows continuous play, even when phone is in lock mode (make sure you have latest version installed). If that does not work, go to your phone settings and disable auto-lock feature while playing with SoundMoovz.

Why is there either no sound or multiple sounds coming from mobile device/speaker?

Adjust the sensitivity setting on the app – the higher the setting, the more sensitive to movement. Sensitivity settings can be located on the top right of the pop-up tab when you tap on the device balloon to change sounds. Repeat for all your SoundMoovz bandz.

If using an auxiliary cable, make sure it is plugged in securely into both mobile device and speaker; you may need to remove case from mobile device to allow cable to be inserted correctly (if case is removed, make sure mobile device is in a secure position to prevent damage).

What IOS or Android update is needed to install the app?

IOS: 10 or later
Android: 4.4 or later

How do I pair SoundMoovz to my Bluetooth device?

Turn on Bluetooth® from settings on your smart device. Open SoundMoovzTM app and tap icon “+” to search for pairing. When SoundMoovz is ON, a device icon will be displayed on the screen. Tap the device icon for pairing. When paired, a check symbol is shown over the device icon.

Why is my band not turning on?

Your battery may need replacement – replace with a CR2032 battery.