Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Light-Up Beauty Studio


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Glam it, record it, and post your own beauty stories with this awesome kit. This new all-in-one beauty center features 28 real, vibrant and super stylish lip, cheek, and eye colors plus accessories, including ring light and built-in phone stand. Also comes with illustrated cards to help kids narrate their own beauty “story”. Create so many different trendy beauty looks over and over for the ulitmate make-over experience.  Our Light Up Beauty Studio offers kids their own stage to show off their individual and unique style and how they define their own beauty. While having fun, they gain the confidence to both verbally and visually express this style to their friends, peers and family through technology via recording on their smartphone (quality ring light included) . Kids could role-play as their favorite You Tube star, become their own star or just enjoy as “imaginative” play. The durable set is strategically designed to be easily and quickly set up so kids could get right into the fun!


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